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is a public, co-educational high school located in Lancaster, California. Founded in 1995, it is the sixth oldest comprehensive high school in the Anvelope Valley High School District.



Anatomy is the study of the structure of living things. It can be the study of the human body, an animal body, or plant structure. It is a branch of biology and often taught in conjunction with physiology.



Physiology is the scientific study of function in living systems.This includes how organisms, organ systems, organs, cells, and bio-molecules carry out the chemical or physical functions that exist in a living system.



Biology is the study of life, which includes the structure, function, and origin of living organisms. This science is a vast one. It encompasses subdivisions of the major fields like microbiology, biochemistry, and biotechnology.


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Welcome to the personal webpage for Mrs. Neal's Biology, Anatomy and Physiology students. Here you can explore the building blocks of life and the wonders of the human body. This is also the place for parents, legal guardians and family members to communicate with me. You will find homework assignments, worksheets, quizzes and tests for each of the two subject matters on desgnated pages that can be accessed using the menu bars. I have included a calender so you can be aware of important dates. This site is a work in progress, so feel free to use the contact web-form to send any ideas you may have that will make this site useful for you as a student, parent, guardian or student's family member.


Your Instructor

Mrs. Neal has a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction from the California State University. She possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies also from the California State University. She has studied Biology, Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology at Occidental College, Cal-State Los Angeles, Pasadena City College, Antelope Valley Community College and Glendale Community College.

Mrs. Neal has been working in the field of education for fifteen years. She began teaching drug and alcohol education for the City of Palmdale's Public Safety Department. After several years she moved to Hughes Elizabeth Lake Unified School District as a science teacher for the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Mrs. Neal then took on her current role as your teacher at Lancaster High School teaching Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Health, Peer Helping and Renaissance. Mrs. Neal is also a lab instructor at Cal-State University Bakersfield on as needed basis.

Mrs. Neal is or has been a member of the California Science Teachers Association, Association for Supervision and Curriculm Developement, National Assoication of Biology Teachers, and the American School Health Association.

Mrs. Neal has lived in the Antelope Valley since 1988. She currently resides with her husband, daughter and three German Shepherds.



Mrs. Neal's Mission Statement

The fundamental mission of my Biology, class is to provide an intensive, progressive, and balanced learning experience in general biology, eco-biology, and environmental biology, to serve a student population that is highly diverse, both in educational, ethnic, and academic background. To accomplish this mission, I recognizing the crucial role of research in science education that is geared toward a diverse group.

The fundamental mission of my Anatomy and Physiology class is to provide an in depth, intense college preparatory, hands on experience  for college bound students. My primary focus is to teach students all of the major systems of the human body with an emphasis on understanding how these systems are interconnected.

It is my common mission to promote sound research practices, safe lab practices and an environment that induces critical thinking, a desire to learn more and an opportunity to succeed.


Antelope Valley High School Districts Mission Statement

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Our mission is to provide a safe and secure learning environment that promotes a rigorous curriculum and enables our students to develop the necessary academic, technical, and work-related skills of the 21st century.  Every student who graduates will be prepared to pursue college or any career to which he/she aspires.


AVHSD Information

The Antelope Valley Union High School District covers a geographic area from the Angeles Forest in the south, to the Kern county line in the north, and from the Ventura/Kern county lines in the west, to the San Bernardino county line in the east.

Over 23,600 high school students are educated in our 8 comprehensive and 4 continuation high schools, with additional educational opportunities offered by our Regional Occupation Program (ROP) and Adult Education campuses. for more


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